Is this an official remaster and is it free? How is it different from your previous texture pack?

No, SR1HD Remaster texture pack is 100% fan made and free to download. All of the textures in the game have been re-created or replaced, unlike my previous texture pack in which I mostly just used upscaled textures and touched up the characters. The old texture pack is no longer updated.

Why a remaster and not a remake?

I have attempted to do a remake before (the Soul Revenant project), however, it proved to be unfeasible without funding and a stable team. I am just one person, so the next best thing I could do is to improve all the textures.

Can I use my pc version of Soul Reaver to play this? Which platforms are supported?

No, this mod can only run on the Dreamcast emulator and you need a digital version of Soul Reaver Dreamcast version. Flycast can run on several devices: PC, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Switch and Xbox. I only ever tested the PC and Linux versions so I cannot help with the others, sorry. The original Dreamcast hardware is not supported because the emulator is required to load the textures externally.

Why FlyCast? Can't I play on ReDream or other emulators?

Unfortunately, no. At the moment of the release, only FlyCast supports external textures.

What do I need to play this mod?

The zip file comes bundled with the latest Flycast emulator release, the remastered texture pack and the newly recreated high res manual. Be aware you might need a dedicated graphics card to run this mod properly. You will also need a digital Dreamcast version of Soul Reaver which is NOT included in the download. I cannot help with queries requesting it.

How should I play this? Controller or keyboard?

Soul Reaver is best played with a controller. Flycast supports modern controllers so just make sure you pick the correct button layout skin from the "Skins" folder. I included several button bindings in the folder but if your controller is not working, you can still bind it yourself. Remember, d-pad left and right need to be mapped to your triggers and either d-pad up or down to the select button.

Some of the textures are slightly misaligned or facing the wrong way, is there no way to fix this?

For some reason, all the UV maps are not stretched fully to edge of each texture which naturally leads to visible seams between them. Note that this issue is also present with the original textures, however, due to the lower resolution, it is not as apparent. However, I manually corrected many of the symbols and murals where possible. The problem with wrongly oriented textures is not something I can fix in this version, unfortunately.

I heard some of the cut dialogue in the trailer. Have you included any cut content?

Sorry, no, that is not possible for the Dreamcast version. I only added it for the trailers, but the game is still only retail content.

Can I play in other language than English?

Yes, I tested German, Spanish, Italian and French versions. It also works on the NTSC US version.

I have a problem with the emulator or need help with something else.

Check the download page for help or contact me.