Raina Audron

I started my journey with Soul Reaver when I played the Lighthouse demo for the first time in March 1999. Despite it being from a very early build of the game, I absolutely loved the ability to fly and its novel hand to hand combat. I spent hours just jumping down and gliding from the top. In the end, I would not be where I am without its influence throughout my teenage years.

I have pretty much dedicated my entire online presence towards discovering the secrets of Soul Reaver, starting with my YT channel and then founding a blog. I have since written countless articles with focus on the alpha and beta content which was discovered over the years and published over 200 videos on my channel. I also released four in-game soundtracks for each game (except Defiance) which you can get on my new website. The recent discoveries of alpha and beta builds were amazing and enabled us to peek into the game's development process and see how the game changed each month.

The reason I got into texture making was almost by an accident. One of the turning points was seeing BossLogic create Eivor out of small cut out pieces in real time on one of the Ubisoft reveal streams (it took him several hours to finish but I watched until the end). It, actually, left a big impression on me. Later, I joined a TR discord but was mostly reading. I noticed one person requested some help in editing a texture and I picked it up. We teamed up since and together with TRFan94, have worked for several months on TR2HD for pc. I have also joined PebbleInThePond on his Blood Omen 2 re-texture and we hope to upgrade most of the game.

This project would be impossible without:

Daniel Cabuco

An industry veteran who has been part of many influential studios such as Crystal Dynamics, Sony Computer Entertainment and most recently he landed in Riot Games. Daniel helped create many amazing games in his rich career in video game development. He was a creature art lead on Soul Reaver and then became lead artist for Soul Reaver 2 and an art director in LOK: Defiance. He also worked on Tomb Raider: Legend where he was responsible for several LOK themed Easter eggs, including a fully working Soul Reaver weapon cheat. Other games in his portfolio are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lost Planet 3.

Most recently, he helped with creating games such as God of War and even directed motion capture for Hideo Kojima's latest hit, Death Stranding. At present, Daniel creates awesome new content for Valorant by Riot Games. However, his love for LOK never faded and a few years back, he created DCab Design forums allowing fans to ask him questions. His latest addition to the fandom is running a Sanctuary of Kain Patreon page where he makes cool new LOK art and showcases his old LOK concepts too.

He provided guidance and even showed me some of the original textures from Soul Reaver.

Terry (Team Vivisect)

Terry helped me out with editing Raziel's cowl as the one I had from my original texture pack had to be redone and also helped design my new logo and tested my textures.

When he is not working on Defiance textures, he flips through texture books and scours the internet for any sources or reference which might help us in our texture modding endeavours. Also, he is obsessed with a certain bridge found in both SR2 and Defiance for some reason...

Terry and the team Vivisect is also known for the joke low res re-texture for Defiance.

Additional textures and help by (in alphabetical order):

He did most of the character concepts for Shifter which was swiftly adapted into what became Soul Reaver. Without him, Soul Reaver would not have such rich and interesting looking characters and environments. Many of his sketches can be also seen in SR1 Credits. He has also done in-game textures for Zephon, Turel, the City and the Undercity.

Boyd Lake (GlyphX, 3D artist)

Boyd worked on the Lieutenant models we can see in the iconic Soul Reaver intro and later released screenshots of these models in different poses. I used one of his Melchiah shots (standing up and up close) to create a mural of Melchiah for Necropolis as there are no other better shots available.

David Wade (photographer, Pattern in Islamic Art)

I stumbled upon this website when I was searching for some references and the sheer amount and quality of photographs there stunned me. David is a brilliant photographer and kindly allowed me to use his photos in my project. It is a perfect fit as the developers chose to base Kain's empire on Islamic architecture, avoiding the typical Gothic style. I used some of David's high res photographs on the game's prominent mosque, the Sanctuary of the Clans.

Dr. Diane Davies (Maya Archaeologist)

Dr. Davies' website caught my attention as it has a really great close up of one of the Maya glyphs. As the very first Warp Gate in the game has Maya architecture, the glyphs from her photographer were an ideal replacement. Her enthusiasm for my project even though she had not heard of it from before was heart warming and I am grateful she allowed me to use her Maya glyph photo. Did you know that Maya invented chocolate and even bouncing balls?

FlyingHead (developer, Flycast Emulator)

Flycast stands out from other Dreamcast emulators due to being able to dump textures and without this feature, my project would not be possible. FlyingHead was very helpful with advice on the best settings and is frequently updating his Flycast emulator.

Franz Sales Meyer (author of A Handbook of Ornaments) Owen Jones (author of Grammar of Ornament)

While these books were published in 1920 and 1856 respectively, they both have excellent illustrations and imagine my surprise when we discovered several patterns found in the game were from these books. Can you guess which ones? Courtesy of digital archive.

Judy A. Juracek (photographer, the Surfaces book series)

The go-to author in 90s and early 2000s if you wanted a quality texture reference book. Juracek published several books over the last couple decades (called the Surface series) and they became the golden standard for many uses - including textures in games and movies. Her photographs bear a distinct style and are versatile, neatly organised into folders. She inspired me to start my own collection of photographs some of which I used in my SR1 remaster.

Tom Marlin (3D/2D graphics, Marlin Studios)

Marlin Studios are known for their portfolio of various 3D objects, 2D sprites, animations and textures. You may find these in movies such as Frozen, the original Matrix, Star Wars: Phantom Menace or Shrek 2. On top of that, their services are used extensively by a vast amount of leading videogame and movie companies such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Disney, Sony, Take Two, Epic, Rockstar, etc. It is hard to not see why as I purchased several of their seamless textures myself and used them extensively in my project. They offer excellent value for the amount of textures you receive and the fact that they come in a seamless form is important in texture design.

Benkyou Studio (texture artist)

When you search through hundreds of textures, you usually get swarmed with many hidden behind paywall, however, this one is an exception. Benkyou studio provides a large library of excellent seamless textures and covers many types of surfaces. Benkyou studio is actually a free open source toolkit in language learning. It was originally created for Japanese but the creator added the support of other languages as well.

Rob Tomlinson (photographer)

I was searching for the specific arches for the Razielim Territory when I saw it was actually part of Lincoln's cathedral and found Rob's website. He uploaded many great shots of the Cathedral on his site and was super helpful. His blog is well maintained and contains lots of interesting information and photographs from places around UK but also worldwide.

Thanks also goes to all my friends who supported me throughout the whole project in various ways:

AesirHod (improved SR1 font, tester), Aevum, Allard, Bazielim (tester), Ben Lincoln, Biodynamic (launch trailer music), Cain, CataCat, Convalise (Warp gate symbols), Gh0stblade, Eagle Eye 559, Francesco Abbonizio (silver spear texture), Japanese Cake (debug patch), KainReaver (tester), Kevin Chatmajo, Laura Panico, Lucinvampire, Patrick Johnson, Saad (tester), Tenaya, TRFan94.