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About the project

Soul Reaver was a groundbreaking title when it released in 1999 and it is still fondly remembered by many to this date. However, the graphics quality across the three different published versions have not been consistent and while the Dreamcast version runs at 60fps and has higher poly models for Kain and Raziel, the textures for everything else are actually lower quality than PC or even the PlayStation version. With the advent of emulators being capable of extracting textures, I finally had the means to upgrade Soul Reaver to higher resolution graphics.

This texture pack requires Flycast, a Dreamcast emulator, capable of extracting and loading textures externally, which enables anyone to mod Dreamcast games. I decided that after the upscaled texture pack I released in August 2020 and a demo version for Tomb Raider 2 HD on pc, the time was ripe for me to try something more advanced and challenging. I have started working on this project in July 2021. It has been a long road with many obstacles I had to overcome and I learnt much about working with textures.

To be able to accomplish this, firstly, I obtained a large library of textures. I purchased several sets from Marlin Studios and also bought copies of texture reference books from the acclaimed photographer, Judy A. Juracek. As her books were published during 90s and early 2000s, they are quite expensive and not the easiest to find with a CD-ROM attached. Luckily, I managed to track down Surfaces, Soft Surfaces, Natural Surfaces and Architectural Surfaces, all of which proved to be an invaluable reference material.

Finishing this project would have not been possible without any help. Dear friend and LOK fan, Terry from Team Vivisect, helped me search for these textures and contributed several textures themselves as well. It was Terry's utter dedication to make their own project look as faithful to the original as possible which inspired me to do the same for Soul Reaver.

To make things even better, Daniel Cabuco, the super talented artist from the LOK series, also tremendously helped with this and allowed me to use some of the original SR1 textures. My project would never have looked as authentic without him. Check the credits section for a full list of all the people who contributed. Other languages are also supported as well (German, French, Spanish and Italian).

I spent several hundreds of hours working on this, but I hope the wait was worth it. The download also includes a brand new HD version of the original manual I made so make sure to read through it first!

16. 08. 2022 Update: All the download links are now available!

Enjoy all the trailers below for my Soul Reaver HD Remaster!